Audio and Speakers

We carry the finest brands of audio equipment and speakers available. In fact, we are one of the few stores in the country where you can come in, audition and select a quality audio system. Each of our four stores has listening rooms dedicated to audio components and speakers and a knowledgeable staff to advise you. Our displays, unlike those of a mass merchandiser, are meaningful. They don’t include rows of look-alike equipment.

The audio components, speakers and subwoofers we carry have long lasting value, are the best in their price range and meet our standards for musical performance and reliability. Our selection of audio components includes amplifiers, CD players, digital to analog converters, transports, cassette recorders, compact systems, table top radios, integrated amplifiers, receivers, tuners, turntables, phono stages, compact systems and digital music servers, just to name a few. We carry speakers and subwoofers in all shapes and sizes and offer a speaker upgrade program. When you purchase a pair of loudspeakers from Audio Consultants, you have one year to upgrade to a more expensive pair. This gives you ample time to listen carefully to your speakers and decide whether they are suitable for your system and home. Your salesperson can provide you with further details on our speaker upgrade program. Performance is what matters to us the most. Without sacrificing quality, we can help you select an audio system based on your needs and requirements.


We offer several lines of finely crafted cabinetry, stands and racks. Components in their own right, they are specifically designed to house and enhance the performance of audio and video components. Inherent in their makeup are provisions for cable management, ventilation, shelving flexibility, vibration absorption, and expansion for future needs. We also work closely with custom cabinet and furniture makers in the Chicagoland area.


Every part of an audio/video system affects performance. Accessories go a long way to improve the versatility, convenience, and performance of any audio/video high fidelity system. In our stores you can find hundreds of accessories, including antennas, cones, mats, dampers, switches, lubricants, spikes, and recordable media, just to name a few. Our comprehensive inventory of accessories demonstrates our attention to details and finishing touches that fine-tune and optimize your audio/video system.

Video and TV Displays

We carry the finest brands of video equipment and video displays available. Unlike a refrigerator or a toaster, a video component or TV display is not a one-dimensional item defined by its features. What matters most is the component’s performance. The video components and television displays we carry feature a variety of technologies, shapes and sizes, have long lasting value and are the best in their price range. They reflect definite standards of quality and offer genuine choices. In our stores you will find DVD players, DVD recorders, VCRs, CRT TVs, plasma TVs, LCD TVs, rear projection TVs, front projection systems, and a knowledgeable staff to advise you. In fact, our staff has been trained by the Imaging Science Foundation (ISF) to calibrate television displays so they comply with the ISF’s rigorous standards. Advanced calibration techniques allow a television display to perform at its best in a home setting and project realistic, detailed images impossible to obtain otherwise. This service is only available on television displays purchased from us.


Among the many benefits of headphones, the most obvious is privacy. Headphones allow you to shut out surrounding noise and immerse yourself in the music. But perhaps the greatest benefit is value. A fine set of headphones can deliver a level of quality and detail that is difficult to achieve with many more expensive speakers. Our selection includes a variety of full-size and in-ear models, electrostatic headphones, noise-canceling headphones and wireless headphones. We also carry many headphone accessories including headphone amplifiers, adaptors and extension cables. In each of our stores you will find a dedicated area for listening to headphones.

Control Systems & Remotes

Twenty years ago remote controls were rare. Today, it is not unusual for a system to come with half a dozen remotes, creating a nightmare for anyone attempting to use the equipment. To simplify the operation of your system, we offer a variety of hand-held remotes, wall-mounted keypads, touch screens, and other control devices that can be individually configured and programmed to command your audio and video equipment, home theater, or multi-room system. Control of your system can also be done through your computer network. Many of these control systems can also be programmed to operate other features in your home such as lights, draperies, and thermostats.

CDs & DVDs

The quality of source material such as CDs and DVDs matters a great deal to your audio and home theater system. Of course, well-recorded CDs and DVDs provide a more enjoyable experience for the listener and the viewer. But they offer other advantages. They can help you assess the performance of your audio/video system, allowing you take advantage of all of its benefits. A fine CD, for example, will highlight your system’s strengths and can reveal its deficiencies. We carry a small number of carefully chosen CDs, including remastered JVC XRCDs and selected titles from the Chicago-based Cedille classical label. We also carry "test" CDs and DVDs that teach you how to calibrate and verify the performance of your audio/video system. We have video calibration DVDs, audio calibration DVDs, and even a DVD that demonstrates how to calibrate a turntable.

Home Theater

We do not recommend prepackaged “home-theater-in-a-box” systems. With your active participation, we carefully select audio components, speakers, video components, displays and control devices and then assemble a system that is best suited to your home and lifestyle. We can integrate the system into an existing multi-use room. However, if you wish to experience the ultimate in sound and picture, we can create a space that has the look and feel of a movie theater: a dedicated viewing room complete with large screen, tiered seating, decorative sconces, acoustical treatments, and automatically controlled lights and draperies.

Whole House Systems

Listening to music and watching television or a movie are no longer limited to a single room. We can install integrated audio/video systems with multiple speakers, amplifiers, and controls that will distribute music and video throughout your home, control your lights and draperies, tell you the temperature of any given room and even check the weather for you.

Turntables & Cartridges

In any of our stores, you can choose from a variety of turntables, cartridges, and styli. To complement our turntable and cartridge selection, we carry an array of turntable related accessories, including cleaning devices for vinyl records and belts. We even have turntables and styli for 78RPM records.


Cables are the links that pass the signal from one component to the other. Cables are legitimate components that can dramatically affect the overall sound and picture quality of a system. We offer some of the finest cables available.

AC Power Products

Surge protection and power conditioning are indispensable parts of audio and video systems. Surge protection prevents any piece of electronic equipment from being damaged by surges and variations in the AC voltage. Power conditioning can dramatically improve the performance of an audio/video system by purifying the current supplied by the electric company. We carry many products that not only protect your equipment but also enhance its performance.