What Do We Install?

On any given day, our installers may be working on installations ranging from a simple hook-up to wiring and installing an integrated multi-room/multi-zone whole-house audio/video system. For example, we will come to your home and simply deliver and hook-up any component we sell. This may entail placing the equipment in existing cabinetry or shelving, helping you determine the optimum position of new speakers in your room or setting up and calibrating your new turntable.

You may want more than a one-room audio system. In that case, we can install a simple multi-room stereo system. Building on the single-room audio system, we will wire your home for a second zone, install and hook-up your equipment, install independent volume controls in each room and install free standing, bookshelf, in-wall or in-ceiling speakers in a second room.

Adding a layer of complexity, you may be interested in a multi-room audio/video system with a home theater system in one room and music in another. In addition to wiring your home, calibrating your system and installing in-wall speakers, we can also provide you with programmable hand-held remote controls and related control systems to allow you to operate your system in either room.

We can also install a dedicated home theater room with the look and feel of a movie theater. We will install everything from the components, screen and projection system and speakers to the tiered seating, decorative sconces and acoustical treatments. We can even program your control system to automatically control the lights and draperies in the room.

Finally, we can wire and install an integrated multi-room/multi-zone whole-house audio/video system with multiple speakers, amplifiers, music servers and controls that will distribute music and video throughout your home, control your lights and draperies, tell you the temperature of any given room and even check the weather.

We undertake a variety of installations and pride ourselves in making what is complicated appear simple. Regardless of the complexity of the installation, once it is complete, the use of your system will be effortless and straightforward.