“Dear Michael,

It was a pleasure doing business with you, and I want to thank you for your suggestion for the component to my system. It’s rather rare these days that you can makea telephone call, make a purchase, and have complete trust and satisfaction with a vendor that you have never dealt with before and/or without entering a store”.

L.E. Chicago, IL 2/2014


"With thanks for your prompt service"
B.C. Evanston, IL 11/2012


"We would like to express our thanks to Jim and Jay for their faultless execution - as always".
D.N. Burr Ridge, IL 4/2011 

"Thank you!  We are very much enjoying the sound."
F.L. Chicago, IL 3/2011


"Thank you for your excellent service".
J.R. Chicago, IL 9/2010


“When we purchase used or new equipment from [Audio Consultants] we never have to worry about service down the road as they always support products they have sold.”
M.McD. Chicago, IL 10/2009

“ Many thanks to you and the technicians at Audio Consultants for equipping my ….Chicago condo with a first-rate entertainment system-- and doing so  within my budget. Doing business with Audio Consultants is a pleasure.”
J.M. Winnetka, IL 12/2009

”Eric does good, quick, neat work and is a nice guy.”
D.P. Winnetka, IL   9/2009

“ Thanks again for the great products and service that…Audio Consultants provide. I feel that I definitely bought the finest components in sound and build quality within my budget that bring me the greatest value. If you ever need any references, don’t hesitate to ask. I am one very happy customer!!!”
S.P. Libertyville, IL 4/2009

“ You have a soft spot in my heart for the way you treated my husband when he bought our sound system. All my encounters with your organization were very professional and affirmed how good [his] decision was when he purchased it all….. I am grateful for your wonderful company.”
L.K. Naperville, IL 5/2009

“ Troy does excellent work. Good advice, too.”
E.A. Lake Forest, IL   520/09

“ Thanks! You guys are the best.”
B. R. Evanston, IL 11/2009


 "Hope you don't get sick of hearing how grateful we are for your 'magic touch' and incredible responsiveness to our cry for help!"  R&J 4/2008

"The continue support and positive customer service mindset of Audio Consultants' entire staff is what transforms a good experience into a great experience."  W.M.S. 9/2009 

 "Thank you for the wonderful service from your company while assisting our son...with speaker repair" D.J.S. 12/2008

“ The installation guys were great!”
S.K. Chicago, IL   8/2008


“ I want to thank you for all the kind attention you have paid to our audio and visual needs over the last 35 years… Your achievements are directly related to the demands you put on yourself and it really shows.”
M.G.MD Chicago, IL 7/2007


“ I must relay to you my complete satisfaction with my recent purchases. Your salesperson Mr. Phil Nauton was friendly, knowledgeable and a comfort to purchase from-a true asset to your establishment.”
R.J.S. Elmwood Park,IL 7/2006

“Small wonder that Audio Consultants has such an exemplary reputation… Many thanks for your consultations and advice. I value your association and I know that it will continue for years to come.”
L.M. Chicago, IL 4/2006


“I …appreciate your patience in dealing with my overly curious son. It has been a pleasure visiting your store and dealing with you.”
R.B.  Wheeling, IL 3/2005

“ You tolerated our construction delays and overcame installation irregularities…doing whatever was necessary to achieve customer satisfaction.”
M.I. !!/2005.


“ After 3 years of renovation work on the Townhouse, we have dealt with many contractors and service providers. Audio Consultants is the only one that has been 100% consistent in providing a superior product and superior service.”
D.S.  6/2001.

“ The record will show that over the years I have done business with Audio Consultants exclusively for two reasons. The service rendered by the people connected with your company as well as the quality of products and placement of same in my home.
L.F. Mundelein, IL 7/2001


“Thank you very much for your service on my tape deck. I guess that’s why I’ve only dealt with you for the past 9 or 10 years.”
G.W. Chicago, IL 2000

“I was in the other day…It was the first time I bought anything at your store in 20 years. I have a good excuse: I’ve lived here in NYC all that time…. I was one of those high school kids in Evanston who used to come in far too regularly to drool over the used stuff…circa1975… And twenty years later, in some form or another, I’m still a customer of yours.
N.C. New York, NY 5/2000


You have built Audio Consultants into one of the world’s great sonic businesses and you have done so by building the trust and the confidence of your customers.”
J.L. Chicago IL 5/1999

“ Owning this equipment for [so] long can only be a testament for the highest quality of advice that I have received from Simon, Scott, and the rest of the crew at Audio Consultants.”
D.S. Evanston, IL 12/1999


“My family makes fun of me because I never shop. I just go to Audio Consultants and ask what I should get.”
E.R.H. Chicago, IL 1997

“I like to send people to Audio Consultants because they always report to me on their positive experience.
J.R. Evanston, IL 1997

“ I bought my first system from Audio Consultants when I was at Evanston High School.
Today I own a state-of-the-art system. I received the same helpful, friendly treatment as a teenager as I do now.
T.R. Schererville, IN 1997

“I have been more than very satisfied with Audio Consultants over the last 25 years, and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. Thanks for the memories!”
R.S, MD Downers Grove, IL 1997

“ I first heard of Audio Consultants twenty years ago at a store outside Chicago. The salesperson kept referring to Audio Consultants. He said, ‘they’re nuts…they’re fanatics. They test everything. I drove directly to [Audio Consultants].”
P.S. Milwaukee, WI  1997

“[You] have not only done an outstanding job installing both the movie room and distributed house systems, but [you] have been very flexible in working with our erratic schedule and multiple contractors. In many cases, this has meant working until 11 or 12 o’clock at night and on weekends.”
M.McB. Northfield, IL 12/1997

“ So often when something goes wrong with a product, the staff acts like the customer is the burden. I appreciate the way you identified with my small predicament and took swift and appropriate action.”
Z.R-C. 12/ 1997

“This note is just to thank you for the excellent service on my recent order of a used item... each of the people I talked to was polite and efficient on the phone and the equipment arrived in 3days in fine condition.  I can think of no way in which your service could have been better, and that is pretty rare in my experience.”
R.C. Penn State University, PA 5/1997


“As I strive to improve customer service for the company I work for it is refreshing to see it working in the hands of others. I have always been impressed with how Audio Consultants approached high quality customer service, but have never seen it in close-up action.”
S.P.  Highland Park IL 2/1995

“ It gives me great pleasure to know that you and your people are still available, even though I’ve moved to New Hampshire! The Audio Consultants combination of courtesy, reliability and professionalism is indeed a rare thing these days.”
D. McM 10/1995


“ I realize one should take honesty for granted, but sadly enough, that is not always the case. So let me go on the record with appreciation for the courtesy and honest treatment I received in [my] transaction.”
P.H. Chicago, IL 10/1994

“Audio Consultants is a model of an organization that has made terms like ‘customer satisfaction’ and ‘customer confidence’ mean something. You may advertise it, but it simply must be experienced. L. Z-R Evanston, IL 1/1994

“…it has been almost thirty years since I purchased my first stereo equipment from you. Since that time audio equipment has changed tremendously, but the quality of the components you carry, the advice you give, and the service you offer hasn’t changed. It is always high quality.”
J.F 11/1994


“ You may know that I am a frequent writer of curmudgeonly letters. In fact it seems that I rarely have anything nice to say and, if I do, I don’t say it. But this letter is different! My mailman delivered a notice that Audio Consultants is celebrating its 25th anniversary and I offer you my sincere congratulations.”
K.Y. Highland Park IL 7/1992

“ Your man finished my work today at home and did a great job. After all of these years (twenty-one) of working together… I thank you and your marvelous organization for all that you do for me.”
S. R. 12/ 1992

“ Scott came last night and created miraculous color on my television set.”
E.D. Evanston, IL 1/1992


“ Thank you very much for all your help and especially for the receiver upgrade! I am gratified to know I bought my stereo from the right place.”
R.H. Chicago, IL 2/1990

“This is a thank you letter for the good service I received from two of your employees.  I really believe they gave me special attention in helping me and I wanted their employers to know that they are doing an exceptional job in representing your company.”
P.A St. Thomas, US Virgin Island 1/1990

“As you may recall, December 10th was the day for installing the music system in my…wall unit. Because of Penny, it happened, because of Tim, everything was installed in a very professional manner.
G.P. Chicago, IL 12/1990


“Prompt, professional, and considerate service of the highest caliber has characterized all contacts we have had, including those most important after-the-sale discussions and consultations.”
Dr. G. S. Willowbrook, IL 5/1989

“Thank you for your quality and efficiency of handling my speaker purchase from your store and also for the hum problem which was solved.”
R.D. Chicago, IL 6/1989

“…in this era of growing crass commercialism when the merchant/customer relationship ends as soon as payment is consummated, it is refreshing to do business with a company of the caliber of Audio Consultants.”
G.M Evanston, IL 12/1989


“I congratulate you on having such fine people working for you. I look forward to continuing our business relationship in the future.”
Dr D.N.  Chicago, IL 4/1987

“I hasten to write a few words this morning—before driving to O’Hare… I especially appreciated David Baldwin making an emergency ‘house call’ so that my audio system functions properly…Your staff are to be congratulated for your advice, opinions, suggestions’ and service.”
M.S.  … 5/1987


“ I don’t usually write a letter of gratitude to a company for doing what they are supposed to do. But I’m so impressed with the way I was treated at Audio Consultants, I wanted you to know… Scott Soloway was knowledgeable without being patronizing…. He didn’t try to sell me something because it was on sale, nor was he uninterested because I wasn’t buying the most expensive equipment.,
J.W. Evanston, IL 5/1986


“ First let me say that I will never buy audio equipment anywhere else but from Audio Consultants. I knew nothing about the subject. I trusted you. I was right.”
M.R. Chicago, IL 5/1985

“ Your time and patience in choosing the right system for me… and Tim’s meticulous set-up of my system were all above and beyond what I would ever  have expected.”
M.W.  Chicago, IL 7/ 1985


It is obvious that [Mr. Reile]  not only enjoys his work, but he takes pride in it,… Thanks for sending this competent, courteous person to do our installation.”
R.and ..J. H. Morton Grove, IL 4/1984


I just want to bring to your attention the fine service I’ve always received at your Libertyville store. [They are] always cheerful, they answer questions in a thoughtful and intelligent manner. Better yet, the are not ‘pushy’”
R.D. 10/1983


“ I had heard from time to time your statement on the radio that you stand behind your merchandise and I’m pleased to compliment you on the way in which you handled my complaint…[ notwithstanding the year and a half interval since the initial purchase]  It’s good  to find companies like yours in this day and age.”
M.B. Chicago, IL 4/1982


“To say that I am pleased with your operation would be a gross understatement. I have done no comparison price checking, but feel assured I did not pay a premium to receive premium but not outlandishly expensive equipment. I am thankful for your courage in pioneering lesser known equipment when it obviously meets your standards.”
H.S. Glenview, IL 2/ 1980


“Thanks for sending my equipment out to me. It was a real help. You have earned my respect as a customer for the past five tears.”
M.E. Stanford, CA 1979

“ I have been planning to purchase a new stereo system for some time and had noticed your ads. I wondered, however, if the ads were a come-on and if the experience would be different. That was not the case. My salesman was… Bruce Hirsh. Once we made the connection, he spent several hours with me, and was most helpful, patient, and informative.”
M.S. Chicago, IL 3/1979


“Thank you again for your patience and skill in repairing [my unit]. And I am again impressed by the gracious good service provided by Audio Consultants.”
J.G. Evanston, IL 9/ 1978


“This is an age when man often feels bettered by machines. Therefore, it is indeed a pleasure for me to write to you, as you are responsible for a marvelous experience which I have recently had with the most troublesome of machines… On your letterhead you have ‘Audio Consultants- the finest in stereo.’ I might alter that to say also that you have ‘the finest in people.’”
J.S. Chicago, IL 9/1977