In 1971, Audio Consultants held its first McIntosh clinic. For the next twenty-five years, customers could bring in their McIntosh products, have them tested out by McIntosh engineers and ask questions. Although the McIntosh clinic program eventually ended in the mid 1990s, the idea of introducing our customers to musicians and manufacturers evolved when, in 1984, Nelson Pass of Threshold came to our Evanston store to talk to about amplifiers.

Since that time, we have held yearly seminars with guest speakers from the music world and from the industry. Whether visiting the studios of WFMT or discussing specifics with the creators, inventors, engineers and marketing directors responsible for the identity and quality of a particular product, our seminars provide a unique venue to acquaint you with the people responsible for what you can find at Audio Consultants.

Over the course of the year, this page will change. During seminar season, typically in the Fall, we will have a list of our current seminars and speakers along with an on-line registration. We encourage you to attend our seminars, ask questions and meet the people responsible for the music, products and technology that you can find in each of our stores and in your homes.