About Our CD/DVD/Vinyl Offerings

The quality of source material such as CDs and DVDs matters a great deal to your audio or home theater system. Not only do well recorded CDs and DVDs provide a more enjoyable experience for the listener and viewer, they also help you assess the performance of your audio/video system and take advantage of all of its benefits. A fine CD, for example, will highlight your system’s strengths or reveal its deficiencies.

That’s why we carry a small number of carefully chosen CDs, including remastered JVC XRCDs and selected titles from the Chicago-based Cedille label. You’re invited to test these CDs on our state-of-the-art equipment.

We also sell “test” CDs and DVDs that teach you how to calibrate and verify the performance of your audio/video system. There are video calibration DVDs, audio calibration DVDs even a DVD that demonstrates how to calibrate a turntable.