The Difference

When we opened in 1967, our objectives were clear: carry the finest equipment; offer liberal and straightforward policies; be big enough to provide extensive services and competitive prices but small enough to know our customers. Since 1967, audio and video technologies have made great strides, our industry has been transformed, and we have championed these advances. Through it all, however, the human factor has remained constant. Our customers have not become “digitized” and neither has our way of doing business. Whether you are purchasing a cost-no-object whole-house audio/video system, or simply a table radio, we continue to follow our guiding principles.

Retirement Sale and Closing

Dear Friends,
I am writing to you today to announce my retirement and to let you know that Audio Consultants will be closing its doors on December 21, 2019.
I opened Audio Consultants in 1967 and it has been a most rewarding journey. As you know the industry has greatly evolved during the past fifty-two years, from analog to digital and beyond. And I am proud that along with my team we were able to adapt to all these technological changes.
While the industry was evolving I never deviated from my core principle that customers must be treated with decency and that the support work we did behind the scenes was more important than the actual sale. And you have responded with steadfast loyalty. You understood that, ” no sale is final until you are completely satisfied, ” was not an empty slogan.
I have had the privilege of dealing with several generations of customers. Some of you started buying from me years ago when you were teenagers and continue to do so until today. I thank you with all my heart.
I also want to thank wholeheartedly my faithful employees, some of whom have been with me for more than forty years.
As we get ready to close our doors, we will be honoring all existing orders, repairs and scheduled installations. You can call anytime to discuss your current order, repair or installation.
In addition, we will be having a retirement sale. Effective immediately, all demos, new in-stock inventory, and used equipment will be sold at 25% off their original price.
All sales are final. All sales must be paid at time of purchase. No layaways. No trade-ins.
Please call us with any questions - 847-864-9565.
Simon Zreczny